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Dance is the best means of expressing emotions Still early times humans used dance to express emotions without words. The emotions that were difficult to express by words people express them through dance.

 The humans can express their anger or joy, pain or happiness by plastic movements and music in dance. Dance is also a good means of communication between different nations. Different people can tell about their history, national culture and human values with the help of dance.

The ideas of dance as a means of communication were created and developed by expressionist dancer Mary Wigman . She believed that dance was a human living language. It is an artistic generalization over real basis in order to speak at a higher level of images and allegory, of hidden human emotions. Dance, first and foremost, requires direct communication, because its carrier and mediator is the man himself, but a tool of expression is the human body, natural movements of which create material for dance, the only material that is his own, and used by him.

In dance the human speak by soul and by body. By this original language you can express most hidden emotions and ideas which people have never expressed by words.

So dance is a very good means of communication. During dance communication the human can speak about his most interesting and original ideas and thoughts which can’t be spoken by words.

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